We raise healthy AKC registered Havanese.
Do not be fooled by some politically and financially motivated individuals who are attempting to offer Havana Silk Dogs as a new rare breed. This "breed" is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Havana Silk Dogs are Havanese. Plain and simple. Havanese have the exact same health testing standards and pedigrees as Havana Silk Dogs.


"Male vs. Female"

Many people request female puppies thinking that they are either easier to housebreak or will be "sweeter".  Neither is true.  If you are responsible about having your pet spayed or neutered at 6-7 months of age you should see no difference between the sexes.  Sexual behavior such as humping and marking only are problematic if they have become established habits in mature dogs.  They are difficult behaviors to eliminate once they have become habits.  Havanese males and females are equally sweet and cuddly and about the same for housebreaking. 
"Will Havanese be difficult to housebreak?"
They might be.  All toy breeds take a little longer to housebreak.  It might take months for your puppy to be reliable and occasionally a very stubborn individual will take longer. 

Pets vs. Show---"What’s the difference?"

All TigerLily puppies have excellent health and will make wonderful pets and companion dogs for a family. When the puppies are about 8 weeks old we evaluate each individual and make placement decisions. There are always individual differences within a litter, some puppies are a little bigger or smaller, some are more outgoing or are quieter in personality, just like with humans in a family. We strive to match the right puppy with the right home. Slight differences that determine a show dog (such as size or coat) will never hinder a puppy’s ability to be a beautiful companion dog.

"I might want to show the dog."

Showing is a great hobby and I encourage you to consider it. However, you will have to decide prior to the sale of the dog and make a commitment to showing it if you want to try that.  Pet puppies are ONLY sold on limited registration and cannot be shown or bred.  Show dogs are ONLY sold on a co-ownership contract.  My name will be on the AKC paperwork along with yours as an owner.  I will remove my name and you can own the dog outright when the dog has finished its championship. 

 "What is Limited registration?"

Limited Registration- means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by the dog are eligible for registration. Dogs with Limited registration may NOT be entered in breed competition at dog shows but may compete in all other AKC events.

(copied from the AKC litter registration information)

 "Can I come visit your dogs?"

Of course! When I have a specific puppy available for you I will invite you to come visit our home and meet your special puppy. Unfortunately, many people would like to come visit our home just to "see a Havanese" and this is not possible.

"What does Ch. mean in front of a dog's name?"

CH. is the abbreviation for Champion.  GCH. is for Grand Champion.  All TigerLily dogs used for breeding are AKC Champion dogs and some are Grand Champions.  The titles are achieved by winning multiple conformation "points" at AKC sponsored shows.

"What is the Breed Standard?"

Each breed has a description of what the ideal dog should be for that particular breed.  The standard for Havanese can be found at