Hall of Fame

              TigerLily Havanese proudly presents some of its champion offspring....


                   GCH. TigerLily Involo Bottoms Up                    

                   GCH. TigerLily n Romigh's Chantilly Lace            

                    CH. TigerLily Shrimp On The Barbie                    

                 GCH. TigerLily Tamaran Smoke On The Water                      

                     CH. Tamaran TigerLily Where There's Smoke     

                     CH. TigerLily Tell Me I'm Pretty                     

                CH. TigerLily's Southern Girl                          

                 CH. TigerLily Divine Design Carlin                      

                  CH. TigerLily's Tattle Tail of D'Va                  

                  GCH. TigerLily Repeat Performance               

                    CH. TigerLily Some Like It Hot                   

                    CH. Tigerlily Guns N Roses                                

                    GCH. CH. Tigerlily Solo Performance            

                    CH. Tigerlily Viva La Diva Digeo                  


                    CH. Tigerlily Tribute                                  


                    CH. Tigerlily Sweet N Low                           


                    CH. TigerLily Kit N Kaboodle